Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sun with Moon together (Conjunction) Astrology

What is Sun: Sun is the supreme self which is presents in all of us. Sun is the shiva the unchanged and supreme power. We all can merge in this supreme power through yoga and meditation practice. However through the astrological point Sun Sign is the astrological point in birth chart at the time you born. It is fiery planet and rule sign of Leo. Depending on the the Sun Sign and position of house is sited it define your self esteem, ego,  pride and your health vitality. Whenever sun conjunct with other planets it illuminate the quality of that planet. So what happen when Sun conjunct with other planets.

What is Moon: The Moon is watery planet, as it rules the sign of Cancer.  Moon is the emotions, feelings and is the part of you that reflects the way you feel. Moon also represents mother, imagination, emotional body, it shows the way you think and react to situation. How emotional or unemotional you are depends upon the condition of the Moon. Your Moon is your comfort zone or uncomfortable zone depending on the Moon Sign and house placement. Moon is receptivity and subconscious mind which act on past life karma.

Sun and Moon conjunction:

When the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, it means the person born black Moon (Amasaya) if the conjunction is exact. When any planet comes closer to Sun its means it gets combust in the rays of Sun. This is like conscious mind (Sun) comes together with unconscious mind (Moon). We all have different areas in our life and they are needed as they are. Moon is the planets of inner peace and what happened if our inner peace get burned up. I think we will not feel good. This is not the good conjunction to have because it is like as fire and water coming together and what happened when this thing happen? This conjunction can shows no peace of mind or agitated mind. Depending on the sign it can be less or more detrimental.  E.g. if you have this conjunction in Aries then you can be enthusiast, with a natural feel for new beginnings, and you know how to use your new ideas, but if you this conjunction in Scorpio where Moon gets debilitated then what happened? Maybe you may feel more unrest. There are many possibilities depending on your personal chart. This is just general meaning and there is no need to take seriously. Everything have negative as well as positive effect. Positive benefit of this conjunction is that these people are good in meditation because in meditation we try to connect  mind with our soul together. They have good instinct of inner feelings and very clear what they want from their life.

Remedy: My suggestion for these people that they need to drink lot of water and try to manage their emotions in control. They should not react spontaneously and they should think thoroughly before any emotional reaction. They should respect their mother it does not matter whether they are happy or not with their mother. Those people who have Moon not in good condition, its means they have done something wrong with their mother and now in this birth they need to fix their karma with their mother and if they not, they will suffer mentally. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Retrograde Planets 2017 Astrology

When a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backward in the sky. A retrograde planet looks like it's going backwards in the sky but it is not, it is stationary in the sky and look like it moving back relative to the earth movement. A retrograde planet is very strong for spiritual growth but weak for materialistic manifestation of things. When any planet retrograde in the birth chart and transit wise it become more conscious in our subconscious mind. Many of the things the planet rules become confused and backup in our minds. Re-thinking, Re-evaluating, and Re-assaying is the theme of retrograde planets. The lack of confidence and the confusion around what the planet rule in our life becomes a source of greater scrutiny but eventually it gives greater clarity in our mind with time this leads to improving the area of life which they rule but delays many tangible things on materialistic plane and it become very frustrating.That's why retrograde planets are never good for earthy life but good for spiritual growth because when someone not getting anything on materialistic level then he looks for other side of life ( Spiritual life or beyond spiritual life). When Planets reach an opposition to the Sun they become retrograde and outer planets remain Retrograde for longer time.

Some people have multiple Retrograde planets, which can bring powerful karmic lessons that create chaos and confusion in the mind and leads to different direction in life. The more Retrograde planets an individual has, the more difficult his life becomes and more introspective and mature within and grow in different area of life. Retrogrades occur on an subconscious level, and if an individual turns his consciousness level and understand why things happened to them then they can utilising this energy in helping other people. Retrograde planets do not give benefits as do direct planets and they become source of confusion in the individual mind.

The meanings of Retrograde planets are determined by the sign and house they occupy, along with the aspects they make. Retrograde planets work differently and need extra understanding.

All retrogrades have three phases:

1) The direct motion until the first station, the retrograde motion, and then the direct motion following the second station.

2) The stationary periods in between are the most powerful, as the planet slows down to change direction.

So what are the duration of planets retrograde:

Mercury is Retrograde for 24 days (almost three weeks) and is stationary for approximately 3 days.

Venus is Retrograde for 42 days (almost six weeks); is stationary for approximately 11 days.

Mars is Retrograde for 80 days (almost eleven weeks); is stationary for approximately 20 days.

Jupiter is Retrograde for 120 days (almost eighteen weeks); is stationary for approximately 10 days.

Saturn is Retrograde for 140 days (almost twenty one weeks); is stationary for approximately 10 days.

The Sun, Moon, North and South Node are never retrograde.

Generally Retrograde planets repeat previous incidents or issues from this life or former lives which were not fully finished with and they need to be processed in order to unload our karmic debt and free from that particular karma.

Now there is four planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury is retrograde. These four planets in retrograde create lot of confusion and stuck energy in our life. Most of the people feeling stuck in some areas of life related with planetary energies. This is good time to think and go internally and ask what you want from your life.